Large Christmas tree sale

In our tree nursery in Wülfrath there was a lot going on again during the Advent season. After the weather hadn’t really been in tune for a long time, it finally surprised us on the 3rd of advent with the perfect “Christmas tree weather”. We were very happy about every visit of our dear customers and find it nice to meet once a year at this event which has become a tradition for many.

Beside our trees for self-cutting there was a colorful program for the whole family. The children had it especially good with us: handicrafts, tractor driving, stick bread, campfire, tree trunk saws and nail games. Mulled wine, punch, pea soup, waffles and much more provided for a relaxed atmosphere among our adult guests.

In the evening it was cosy in the barn and in the fireplace room: companies, clubs and small groups used our premises for cosy pre-Christmas hours and were always well provided by our strong partner Linke Catering from Velbert-Langenberg. We are already looking forward to next year.