Robotic lawnmowers

For lush green and weed-free lawns or just to save time: the reasons for a robotic lawnmower are manifold.
With state-of-the-art technology, robotic lawnmowers are an essential part of a well-tended and healthy lawn. In almost every garden they are easily installed.
Besides installating and providing extensive instructions, we offer you a carefree service: installation, yearly inspections and software updates, pick-up service, overwintering, blade changes and frequent maintenance.


Flowering perennial beds and lush green lawns: In many gardens this was rarely seen in the past summers.

Individually adapted and computer-controlled irrigation concepts save your time and increase the quality of your garden. Combined with wells or cisterns, sustainable irrigation concepts can be realized in your garden. Without exception, we offer you high-quality products from Rainbird and Hunter for reliable irrigation.  App-controlled irrigation computers allow full control at any time and from anywhere.

Our strong partners plan the irrigation system for you – we take care of the rest.