Gardening and landscaping

Gardening and landscaping

A quiet seat? A sunny spot? A blooming landscape? We create living spaces! We build your seats and retreats, provide a better climate in the cities and green your garden. Lush green lawns meet selected large shrubs; individual planting concepts in “New German Style” meet high-quality concrete and natural stone products. Sophisticated lighting concepts and many technical refinements make daily gardening work easier. Exciting combinations of wood, corten steel and stone with a love of detail round off the overall concept. Fences, walls and enclosures ensure privacy and create your own space. A garden – your living space.

Overview of services

  • Irrigation concepts
  • Lawnmower robot
  • wood and hedge trimmings
  • lawn construction
  • Large tree transplantation
  • Tree felling
  • winter service

  • Garden planning
  • Enclosures
  • natural stone work
  • Paving work
  • pool construction
  • lighting concept
  • House insulation
  • Excavations

  • Outdoorkitchen
  • Woodwork
  • fence construction
  • Wall construction
  • Pond construction
  • Green roofs
  • Special components
  • Equipment