Privat garden, Langenfeld

private garden, Langenfeld

This house garden with a completely south-facing layout and elevated terrace captivates by its generous depth. From the very beginning, the wish was not to obstruct the view of the landscape behind the garden and yet not to allow any views from outside.

The partially evergreen screen planting loosens up more and more towards the rear. Umbrella plane trees and solitary large trees provide structure. The beds are lushly planted. Pink, purple and white shades dominate. The central lawn directs the view far beyond the garden boundaries. The higher-lying main terrace with large-format ceramic tiles is additionally framed by an awning.

The walls of the company KANN creates generous atriums for the lower situated offices and work rooms. An automatic irrigation system ensures lush growth.

Type of work

  • Garden planning
  • Wall construction
  • Wooden terrace
  • driveway
  • Ceramic large format
  • Lawn and planting work
  • Irrigation

Order facts

  • Completely new building
  • 24 weeks construction time
  • 1,200 sqm redesigned