Privat garden, Krefeld

private garden, Krefeld

This garden, used by a family, was intended to have a pool as a central element. The almost 100 sqm large terrace made of ceramic tiles blends in seamlessly. The transition from the living room at ground level further increases the effect.

With a length of almost 10 m, the pool invites to swim. The lawn additionally emphasizes the spacious appearance of the property. The front garden almost looks like a separate inner courtyard, a special space.

Large format slabs in 2 x 1 m of black granite combined with basalt chippings and loose planting bring liveliness and form a unique calling card of the house. The fair-faced concrete wall with a fitted bell plate and recessed window including a made-to-measure sliding gate form the front of the property.

An irrigation system and a lawn mowing robot facilitate regular garden maintenance. A groundwater well provides free water for watering at any time. Clear, consistent and different – a garden dream with a pleasant expanse.

Type of work

  • pool construction
  • exposed concrete elements
  • wooden fence
  • Terrace construction
  • wooden terrace
  • Wall construction
  • step system
  • gate system
  • Lawnmower robot
  • Irrigation
  • Lawn and planting work

order facts

  • 1300 qm property
  • 5 months construction time
  • Pool 10,00 x 4,00  m
  • Pool individual design
  • custom-made door system
  • faced concrete components – special design