garden planning

exClusive 3D model oF YOUR PROJECT

In the various stages of planning you receive a map of the design as well as detailed plans, planting plans according to the four seasons and a wide selection of photographs of examples.

In addition to the two-dimensional computer based CAD plans, we offer you, if requested, animated three-dimensional plans of your garden.

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Gardening and landscaping

A quiet terrace? A sunny place? A blooming landscape? We create living spaces! We build your seating area and favourite spots, we create a better climate in the cities and re-vegetate your garden. Lush green lawns meet carefully selected trees; individual planting concepts in the „New German Style“ meet high-quality concrete and natural stone products. Clever lighting concepts and an array of technical solutions will make tending to your garden easier. Exciting combinations of wood, steel and stone complete the concept. Fences, walls and enclosures generate privacy and create individual spaces. The garden – your living space.

garden care

Our up-to-date care concepts offer you support all-year round. Our three packages “classic”, “plus” and “premium” will be adapted to your needs. Save time and enjoy your garden without the exhausting work. Our team consisting of foremen, gardeners and trainees will look after your garden personally and individually.

Gardening and landscaping

It is our ambition to support you in every season. We will assist with your planning, build your sundeck and put up pergolas for shadowy places. Of course we will continue tending your regular garden needs – either seasonally or throughout the year. During the winter we offer our services of snow shovelling.

professional swimming pools

Refreshing water, a spa experience, children’s paradise or just a beautiful accessory? A swimming pool can be many things – but it is always an eye-catcher. Swimming pools are always a style element for us and are carefully integrated in the design of the garden. An atmospheric lighting concept is particularly spectacular in the evening. We would like to discuss with you which product suits your needs and wishes. A wide selection is available – from a small dipping pool to year-round swimming pleasures.

Commercial plots

The outer surrounding always emphasises the architecture of a building. The arrangement of plants and trees is very important, especially in urban spaces. We feel responsible to create “more green in the city” as well as presentable, easy-to-care for and workable outside space. Commercial areas, kindergartens, playgrounds, parks, schoolyards and church courts are some of our most popular projects. In times of climate change and very dry summers the balance between functional and leisure areas becomes more important. And of course because of this, we use eco-friendly material.

outdoor kitchen

WWOO offers different modules for your outdoor kitchen – you can either arrange and choose the modules yourself or if you prefer, choose an arrangement from the outdoor kitchen selection. A WWOO kitchen can be put together according to your wishes and budget.

But WWOO is more!

The multifunctional outdoor kitchen offers 1001 design, utilisation and storage possibilities. Create your WWOO as a freestanding outdoor kitchen, as a boundary for your property or as the ultimate outdoor lounge.